Girls in Zoot Suits.

Sunburned nose and forehead are daubed with protective cream by Rebecca Edwards of Yazoo City, Miss., 22-year-old widow whose husband was killed during duty with the Army Air Forces. Standing next to Rebecca and leaning against the corner of the primary hangar from which both of the girls fly is Lorena Daly of Bakersfield, Calif. … More Girls in Zoot Suits.

The Long Wait.

The only survivors of 150 Polish people who walked from Lodz, Poland to Berlin Huddle in blankets, on December 14, 1945. They are waiting by a railway track hoping to be picked up by a British army train and given help. (Fred Ramage—Keystone/Getty Images / Photo colorization by Sanna Dullaway for TIME)


The newly married couple from my last post ‘A Kiss Farewell’, this is taken from possibly the same newspaper tells about their reunion it seems Miss Joan Banks had left the Welsh valley’s behind for a new life with her husband in Ohio.

A Kiss Farewell.

There was an American camp during the second world war in Newport in Wales very near to the village my maternal family lived in, still to this day people talk of the German plane that was shot down over the village, my paternal Grandfather just before the war lived in Newport. I found this little … More A Kiss Farewell.

An GI Bride And Son.

Among the 545 brides and 200 children of American servicemen brought from Australia aboard the Lurline to San Franciso, Sept. 24 was Mrs. Betty Trudell and her son, Kenneth, 15 months old (above) who picked up a military policeman’s club and arm band on the way from Brisband. They are enroute to Hudson, Wisc. to … More An GI Bride And Son.

The GI Brides From Oz.

Carrying their luggage as they leave an American Red Cross bus are several Australian Women, part of a large group of wives of American servicemen that were in San Francisco April 19, after arriving from Australia aboard an Allied vessel.