Royal Chair

This chair dated about 1812 is a  council chair of carved and gilded pine and beechwood, covered in red velvet with gold trimmings and fitted with a cushion and valance. Backs shaped like Roman chariots.” It is taken from the throne room at Buckingham Palace in London. Advertisements

Linen & Draper Billhead

This is brilliant a billhead of Robert Wilson – Linen Manufacturers & Drapers of 33 North Bridge Street, Edinburgh dated 1826 with hand written receipt for payment made of £3.18 shillings.Has a Watermark date of 1826. Beautiful Copperplate Engraving.

Regency Decanter

Here we have a  Cut Glass Decanter from the Recency era, it’s story is unknown so who it’s owner was during this time isn’t known but we can imagine they were quite well off and I think it could have been used to store Brandy.

Norse Penny

D A Viking penny with an image of Thor’s hammer with a “Hand of God” resting on top on the reverse, and a drawn bow and arrow (possibly a misrepresentation of a ship) on the front. Cast out of silver. Made in 920 at the mint of Regnald, the Norse king at York. Currently held … More Norse Penny

Thors Hammer

A 10th century Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir) from Odeshog, Sweden. These pendants were widely used as religious amulets during the Norse era, with wearers hoping to invoke the favour of the thunder and fertility god Thor.