House of Alpin.

Recorded relationships within the early House of Alpin, who ruled Scotland the current British monarch descends from the medieval Scottish house as do many other European monarchs. Advertisements

Scotsmen in Kilts.

Around 1907, Miller & Lang Ltd. of Glasgow released a superb set of photographic uniform cards with a high glossy finish. There were at least 12 cards in the set, which featured Scottish regimental uniforms and at least three cards portrayed pipers and two of them are illustrated above. The card on the left features … More Scotsmen in Kilts.

Hair By The Georgians.

A Hairdresser curling a lady’s hair, one of the sketches made in Edinburgh and the neighbourhood after the rebellion of 1745 Pen and grey ink and grey wash, touched with watercolour by Paul Sandby it is held along with many others at the British museum.

‘Over The Top’

Life in the front line always carried an element of danger. The threat could be from snipers, shellfire or from taking part in a trench raid or a major offensive. This rare photograph shows the moment when the first men go over the top during a raid in spring 1917.

A Forgotten Princess.

History has largely forgotten about this beautiful young lady not because the documents and details aren’t there because they are but because she is overshadowed by her two elder half sisters Mary and Anne both having ruled Britain. This is the very youngest of James II’s children named  Louisa and Maria in baptism, while Teresa … More A Forgotten Princess.

A Would Be King.

This little boy may not be recognisable to many people but if he had survived childhood he would have changed the course of British history. He is James Stuart, Duke of Cambridge the second son of James, Duke of York (later James II of England) and his first wife, Anne Hyde. In 1664, the infant James … More A Would Be King.