Old Faces I found on Ebay.

This one is undated though I imagine it is 1930s to 1940s and it is of a Girls Hockey team from my home town of Aberavon (Port Talbot) in Wales, by John H.Clarke of Port Talbot.
Portrait of a Victorian husband and wife, dated around 1860’s of Wales.
A rather brilliant one, probably 1910s or 1920s some good looking gentlemen wearing jodhpurs.
Think this is late Edwardian or there abouts, shows a gentleman with a mustache wearing a suit.
A rather wonderful photograph of a gent in a suit, not sure about the date, maybe 1890s.
A Victorian gent, possibly 1860’s American.
These English siblings showing that you are never too young to climb a tree.
A family photograph a rather lovely one, 1920’s 
An Edwardian family portrait, as you can see inscribed with the words children and pet terrier dog.
A rather beautiful one of three young siblings.
Two Victorian ladies, at Teignmouth, Devon.



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