Scotsmen in Kilts.

Scots Guards piper postcardScottish piper postcard

Around 1907, Miller & Lang Ltd. of Glasgow released a superb set of photographic uniform cards with a high glossy finish. There were at least 12 cards in the set, which featured Scottish regimental uniforms and at least three cards portrayed pipers and two of them are illustrated above.

The card on the left features a Piper of the Scots Guards. On the back of the card inscribed in pencil is this, “31st August 1907, You would not care to be a soldier or Sailor, well I own [up] to having no ambition for war but to be dressed like this, well it almost makes me wish I were a man. Look what a lot of girls I should get. I hope you are quite all right Stan and madly in love with your work still. Your loving sister Queenie.” Another Miller & Lang card on the right. This one depicts a Pipe Major of the Royal Scots Fusiliers.


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