Loved Ones Part Two.

Continuation of my previous blog.

The Polar Bear Club, New York City in 1924 because after all friends are family that we choose.

Another dog companion this one a rather classy looking young lady this one is definitely from the 1920s.

This one I love three sisters listening to music together I have five older sisters all considerably older than myself so I never got to enjoy any of these moments, they were known as the Brox Sisters Lorayne, Bobbe and Patricia all born in the early 1900s’s The trio grew up in Tennessee and retained Southern accents during their performing careers.

The trio performed in Irving Berlin’s Music Box Revue from 1921 to 1924, at the New York Theatre. Berlin’s hit song “Everybody Step” was written for and debuted by the sisters. They recorded a number of Berlin compositions, including “Bring on the Pepper,” “How Many Times,” “Lazy,” “School House Blues,” “Some Sunny Day,” and “Tokio Blues.”

In 1925 and 1926, they performed on Broadway in the musical comedy The Cocoanuts, with the Marx Brothers. In 1927, they appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1927 at the New Amsterdam Theatre with comedian Eddie Cantor.

Another Canine related picture and a stunning young woman who has a very slight resemblance to Uma Thurman (or is that just me?)

Pio Pico and his family.

This family photograph shows and Afro Mexican man with his family the woman he has his arm around is clearly his wife and the two women either side of them may be his daughters Few people know that Juan Garrido, a black man, was the first to plant wheat in Mexico, or Estevanico, a black Moor, traveled with the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca from Florida across the present United States Southwest, between 1528 and 1536. Who this family is however is unknown there is a slight raising of the elder woman’s eyebrow I think she is getting somewhat fed up of waiting so long for the picture to be taken.

At a time in America when race relations were at an all time low two young boys like many children around the country show the adults around them how to behave true friendships look beyond colour as we see here the one boy is helping the other with his injured finger, it is at Camp Nathan Hale, where children are aided by the Methodist Camp Service. First aid, 1943

A beautiful image of an interracial couple a rather handsome looking man with a rather beautiful Asian wife again showing us that love looks beyond race.

#interracial #1900:

An Asian man with his African American wife and their seven beautiful children.


There is no information that I can find about this picture other than it is of an interracial family I don’t think that the woman is African American but it is definitely a Victorian era photograph.

Playing in the snow together now what more fun can there be in the world.

This one from the 1920’s features Jewish siblings at an unknown European location.


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