Victorian Ladies.

As promised yesterday a list of ten beautiful Victorian ladies as seen in photographed that I have come across, now to say this has been more difficult than the gentlemen is an understatement there are hundreds maybe more out there to find but most of the sitters are quite dull and uninspiring to behold so here we go my list of ten again in no particular order and if you would like maybe vote for which one you think should win.



This unnamed young lady I feel has a quiet sort of beauty, she seems quite serious and the book could suggest a studious nature perhaps.



La Belle Otero she was a Spanish dancer and courtesan. One of the most famous women in Europe, she was involved not only with Edward VII but with Albert I of Monaco as well as several members of the Russian royal family. The cupolas of the Hotel Carlton in Cannes are said to be have been based on her breasts.



This unnamed woman here is clearly in mourning hence her black attire, at first I thought this was odd having a photo taken at such a time but there are a lot of photographs of women who were in mourning, this woman is wearing a wedding ring so maybe she is mourning her husband.



This African woman was part of a famous choir from Africa who toured Britain in the late Victorian era so she is beautiful and she can sing.



Evelyn Millard was an English stage actress perhaps best known for creating the role of Cecily Cardew in the 1895 premiere of Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest


two 2

Princess Alexandra of Denmark the long suffering wife of Edward VII, despite her immense beauty her husband always had a string of mistresses on the go in short he wasn’t good enough for her and all the other women were not as beautiful as his good lady wife.



American actress Minnie Ashley a true classic beauty.



Princess Dagmar of Denmark the younger sister of the above Alexandra and wife of Emperor Alexander III of Russia, a man who had more intelligence than his brother-in-law as he remained faithful and devoted to the beautiful Dagmar till his death.



I have tried to find the name of this gorgeous young woman but all I can ever find is that she was an Irish woman who emigrated to Australia and that this was taken in about 1884 her beauty is striking and I would give any money to bet that those eyes are a beautiful emerald green.



My choice for the winner would be this unnamed young woman I would say she is of mixed heritage myself but she is always sited as being a Black woman in Victorian Britain either way she is simply stunning.



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