Victorian Gents.

Let’s have a little fun now shall we, something a little interactive to go along with something interesting.

I love looking around for old picture portraits Victorian or Edwardian I don’t really care I just love them even if the subject or subjects in the picture is unnamed it doesn’t spoil it for me and recently I was indulging in such an activity when I realised just how attractive some many of the gents in question really were.

Now I’ve made a little list of ten it was going to be five but well there were just too many good ones, hopefully you will like these see what you think maybe you disagree with my listing, anyway here we are ten of the most attractive Victorian men’s photographs I have found, I should also add that these are in no particular order 10-1 just in case anyone wonders, if anyone wants to voice an opinion please feel welcome to do so in fact I encourage it why not vote for how you think they should be placed which one will be voted number one.

If this goes down well I will hunt out some more handsome gents and do another and if anyone is wondering about gender equality I will do one with Victorian ladies as well.



Here we have a rather dapper looking African American gent taken in 1895 at Fort Madison, Iowa, his eyes are really beautiful and kind.



A bit of torso showing here, unusual for the Victorians Leon death Paris was probably a boxer but he could also have been a wrestler I am unsure, but he sure is a good looking young man.



Number eight is this Georgian gentleman unnamed he has a rather lovely moustache I can just imagine him twirling it like a villain in an old silent movie.



Another unnamed gentleman for number seven.



This one is an unnamed German sailor I can imagine that this sailor did have a girl at every port.



Another unnamed gent this one looks far too smug and arrogant for his own good but boy does it work for him his eyes are gorgeous.



This one looks like a bad guy in an old western but who doesn’t like a bad boy?



Another nameless one now for number three this one well do I really need to say anything.



Another nameless one for number two but whoever he was the man was handsome.



Mihai Eminescu, the Romanian poet is described as somewhat unstable I have read of him and yes I suppose he was diagnosed with Syphilis at the end of his life he probably wouldn’t be someone who you should acquaint yourself with, him and his “deviate” behaviours  as he is described but as a young man he was a gorgeous young man this picture was taken in 1869 when he was just nineteen he died in 1889 and what a striking image he is from just twenty years before clearly his lifestyle did not agree with him.


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