Two Soldiers Laugh.


Weighted down with sundry items ranging from guns and trench shovels to a radio set, Sgt. Derrick Deamer, left, and Pvt. Clem Williams wear full battle gear as they chat on the British sector of Korea’s Naktong River front in South Korea on Sept. 14, 1950. Both are with British forces fighting with United Nations’ troops against the Chinese Communist troops. (AP Photo/GH)
Derrick Deamer having joined the Army as a volunteer in 1942, he was part of the Normandy landings in the Second World War. He then served as a guard at Buckingham Palace before his Middlesex Regiment was sent into Korea on August 25, 1950.
In November 1950 Sgt. Deamer was injured when a piece of shrapnel hit him in the foot. But after three weeks in Seoul Military Hospital he was back fighting, and stayed in Korea until the summer of 1951. ((
“We all got a lifetime of experiences we could never forget. It’s something I would never wish anyone to experience.”
(He was still alive in 2008, aged 82)


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