The Lads Together.


British soldiers of the 1st Battalion the Gloucestershire Regiment after fighting their way out of a Communist encirclement pictured on their Bren gun carrier. 9th May 1951.
1951 – The Battle of Imjin River
About 400 “Glorious Glosters” fought a last stand on Hill 235, which was later renamed Gloster Hill, they held out against 10,000 Chinese troops for three nights during the battle in April 1951.
They had started the Battle of Imjin River with 700 men but few avoided death or imprisonment.
Fifty-nine were killed and nearly 600 were taken prisoner. Thirty-four died in captivity.
Prisoners remained in POW camps for more than two years until after the armistice was declared in July 1953.
It remains the bloodiest battle fought by British Forces since World War II.
(Colourised by Royston Leonard from the UK)


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