Slavery In South Carolina.


This picture taken in 1860 in South Carolina shows a group of slaves it also reminds me of a story of a slave linked to my family and happily we weren’t the slave owners this man was called Charles Henry Porter he was born in about 1837 somewhere in America most possibly the south he was a slave his father was named Frisbi sadly a slave also but Charles wasn’t content to live his life as a product he wanted his freedom and so he took it sometime before 1859 Charles escaped successfully from his owners and somehow managed to get on board a ship that was heading for England there he met a young woman nineteen year old Dorcas Chivers a white woman from a staunch religious coal mining family originally from Somerset but her parents had moved to Wolverhampton in Staffordshire just before her birth, her family were already scarred by the scandal of her brother killing a man in self defence a year before he had been transported to Australia the whole family had been implicated in the death, her other brother had died then in a coal mining accident.

In 1859 Charles and Dorcas married and their sadly short marriage created two daughters Christina and Rebecca, he died in 1866 not a rich man but a free man.

I think of this as a marriage of love because in these times why else would either marry someone so very different from them and risk ensuring the wrath of those around them.


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