First Photo Of A Queen!


When Queen Elizabeth II’s father died in February 1951 Elizabeth was on a tour of Canada with her husband Prince Philip, Elizabeth had left British soil a Princess but arrived back a Queen.

This is the first photograph of her as Queen as she is leaving the plane in her black suit mourning the death of her father, it is known that a few times during the flight home she had locked herself in the toilet and cried for her father, but once she left that plane and emerged in the open she was composed a blueprint for the rest of her reign to date. But I think if you look at her here staring down in silent thought there is the sadness in her eyes, to become what she had been destined to be for the age of ten years old and what her grandfather had wanted from her birth she had to lose her father a man she adored she must have dreaded that day ever coming and when it did she was just twenty five years old.



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