The Children of Edward VII.


A group photograph of the five children of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark.

In the back are the boys George born in 1865 he would succeed his father in 1910 as King and Emperor, then Albert Victor the eldest of the children he would die of pneumonia in January 1892 at Sandringham House then in the front are the three daughters Louise the eldest daughter, future Princess Royal she would marry Alexander Duff, 6th Earl of Fife later Duke of Fife she died in 1931 at sixty three, then there is Maud the youngest she would marry Prince Carl of Denmark her first cousin and son of King Frederick VIII of Denmark, he would later be nominated to become King of Norway ruling under the name Harmon VIII they are the grandparents of the current King Harald of Norway, and finally Victoria she never married despite having a number of suitors most famously King Carlos of Portugal but she remained unmarried, she died in 1935 at sixty seven, King George V took her death very badly and died a month later himself.


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