A Royal Wedding.


Edward, Prince of Wales the son of Queen Victoria and future King Edward VII with his new bride on their wedding day Princess Alexandra of Denmark, the daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark.

Married in 1868 and would have six children yet while All Sandra remained devoted to her husband Edward never remained faithful to his wife, throughout their forty seven years of marriage he had an endless array of mistresses who included actress Lillie Langtry, Winston Churchill’s mother Lady Randolph Churchill to name only two from married ladies of society, to actresses and prostitutes the man wasn’t too picky in his choice of female company, I have always been of the opinion that he really didn’t deserve Alexandra at all what she must of felt especially knowing that her sister’s husband Emperor Alexander III of Russia was devoted to his wife, Edward always has been my least favourite monarch of any country, it is quite perplexing when you know who his parents were.


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