A Queen Consort’s Royal Seal


The Seal of Elizabeth of Cuman (c 1240-1290), the consort to King István V of Hungary, she was the daughter some historical resources say of  Seyhan, chieftain of the Cuman tribe.

The Cumans were the western tribes of the Cuman-Kipchak confederation. Her people followed a shamanist religion and were considered pagans by their contemporary Christians of Europe

In other sources it is claimed her Father was Khan Köten Cuman military commander and khan (lord) of the Terteroba clan during the mid–13th century.


3 thoughts on “A Queen Consort’s Royal Seal

  1. I have never heard of Elizabeth of Cuman. She seems like she could be a very interesting and controversial figure especially with her pagan beliefs. Am interesting in doing more research about her and who she was . thanks for the post =)

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      1. I always love finding and reading something new that i have never heard of . I strive to put uncommon things that people may not know on my blog, this is a great post =)


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