Caudell Recipe

From fifteenth century England Caudell was a frothy wine or ale based drink.


Caudell. ¶ Take faire tryed yolkes of eyren, and cast in a potte; and take good ale, or elles good wyn, a quantite, and sette it ouer þe fire / And whan hit is at boyling, take it fro the fire, and caste þere-to saffron, salt, Sugur; and ceson hit vppe, and serue hit forth hote


Take fair tried yolks of eggs, and cast in a pot; and take good ale, or else good wine, a quantity, and set it over the fire / And when it is boiling, take it from the fire, and cast there-to saffron, salt, Sugar; and season it up, and serve it forth hot.


  • Egg yolks – “faire tryed yolkes” means yolks separated from the whites.
  • Ale or wine – use fresh ale (not flat) or a slightly sweet red or white wine.
  • Saffron
  • Salt
  • Sugar


Beat together the egg yolks and wine/ale; place in a pot over medium to high heat. Bring to a boil while continually stirring with a wire whisk. As the mixture heats up, it will begin to become thick & frothy. (Add more egg yolks if needed – the more egg, the thicker & frothier the result. You want the consistency of a well-whipped milkshake.) As soon as it comes to a boil, reduce heat. Beat in sugar to taste, saffron, and a dash of salt. Taste for seasoning and adjust as needed. Serve at once in small bowls or as a drink in glasses.


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